The 8th Joint Agent Workshop and Symposium (JAWS2009)

October 28-30, 2009
Laforet Zao Resort and Spa
[Abstract due]
August 3, 2009
August 10, 2009
[Full paper due]
September 3, 2009


About JAWS2009

Agent is autonomous software interacting with users and other agents intelligently and a core technology for constructing the next-generation distributed systems. Many researchers have been made a lot of effort to study agent technologies. The aim of the workshop and symposium is to bring together researchers who can contribute to a better understanding of agent technologies. JAWS is an inter-organizational event that JSSST SIG multi-agent and cooperative computation, IEICE SIG artificial intelligence, IPSJ SIG intelligence and complex systems, and JSAI SIG knowledge base systems co-sponsor.


JAWS has become a successful event in Hakodate (2002), Awajishima (2003), Karuizawa (2004), Hakone (2005), Suzuka (2006), Okinawa (2007), and Shiga (2008). JAWS2009 will be held at the Laforet Zao Resort and Spa in Zao. It is quite valuable that all the agent researchers/developers come together and exchange information/knowledge at the place where major SIGs on agent technologies get together.


JAWS2009 consists of general research sessions, invited speaker sessions, organized sessions, and a mentoring program. All participants are expected to stay at the Laforet Zao Resort and Spa, which enables the participants to be deep in discussion. The Laforet Zao Resort and Spa has a splendid view of beautiful Mount Zao and provides ample facilities. We are sure that the discussion in JAWS2009 is very fruitful.


Researcher and developers who are engaged in agent technologies and related technologies, and are interested in its application are very welcome to JAWS2009. After the workshop and symposium, the special issue is planned to publish in the Journal of JSAI.