JAWS: Joint Agent Workshops & Symposium

Japanese MAS Research Community

What’s JAWS

Agent is autonomous software interacting with users and other agents intelligently and a core technology for constructing the next-generation distributed systems. Many researchers have been made a lot of effort to study agent technologies. The aim of the workshop and symposium is to bring together researchers who can contribute to a better understanding of agent technologies. JAWS is an inter-organizational event that JSSST SIG multi-agent and cooperative computation, IEICE SIG artificial intelligence, IPSJ SIG intelligence and complex systems, and JSAI SIG knowledge base systems co-sponsor.

The city traffic, logistics, energy flow are getting extremely complex. Mechanism design of social systems and the operation of massive autonomous distributed systems consisting of intelligent high-performance information systems are also hard tasks for human beings. There are a lot of issues that researchers on Multi-Agent Systems should tackle and provide solutions.

JAWS is a series of event, which has provided occasions for presenting original works and discussion among researchers on MAS, held in several cities in Japan. From 2002, every year, researchers have had an annual workshop. Then, in 2011, we are having 10th JAWS workshop. Nowadays, JAWS has become an established event for Japanese MAS or AI community. Additionally, in 2010, International JAWS (iJAWS) was initiated for supporting and encouraging international activities of foreign students and young researchers.

Researchers & developers who are engaged in agent technologies are very welcomed to JAWS and we want to evolve MAS research community which can make impacts on societies together.

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